Centre Sewing

Our genuine centre sewing machine works with a v-shaped channel to create a spine that is sharp and defined.

With our rare machine we can offer several aspects on centre sewing that cannot be produced on flatbed machines.

  • Covers and text sections that are short in the width and height
  • Throwouts/flaps on text and covers
  • Z-fold and gatefold covers
  • Up to A2 in size – subject to pagination, we are able to roll text pages under the arm of the machine whilst maintaining accuracy on larger bookblocks

We stitch with a single line of thread in any colour along the fold of the book giving a traditional yet bespoke look to your project.

Holding a large selection of colours in stock we can offer a good match to your corporate colour or create a contrasting stand out feature to your brochure.

Runs can be from the very few pitch brochures into the thousands of copies. Typically we can sew up to 2000 copies per day.