Side Sewing

Side sewing can be produced from various styles of bookblocks such as:

  • Folded and inset – we would sew approximately 6mm in from the spine, or enough to catch the centre spread.
  • Pre-PUR bound – as long as there is no heavy side glue, we can sew through pre-PUR bound bookblocks. On occasion we have sewn through covers only so that they can be PUR bound onto the text to give the appearance of a sewn book, this has been particularly popular for thick books that have too many pages to side sew.
  • Collated sets – Supplied to us oversize on 4 edges, we pad glue the spine, side sew and trim flush on 4 edges to remove the glue.

We can offer trimmed flush or long thread ends on side sewing which has been a highlight for fashion brochures and art exhibition catalogues.

Labels can be pre-tipped into position on the brochure and trapped under the sewing if desired.

We have side sewn alternative products too, for instance; around the edge of binders & menus, creating or sealing shut wallets by lines of stitching for beauty products and vinyl record launches and we have even sewn around Tyvek bags.

On thin or lightweight brochures we can offer Zig-Zag stitching, while our heavy duty straight line machine can cope with bookblocks up to 9mm if the paper stock is not too dense. We are happy to run trials on anything borderline.

We have an extensive range of thread colours available and held in stock.

Runs can go from the very few to the thousands of copies, with around 2000+ being able to be sewn per day.