Single Leaf Layflat Binding

Our style of layflat binding is often referred to as ‘hybrid’ or more commonly ‘single leaf layflat’ because it uses collated single leaves, rather than folded sections. We have several styles of layflat binding which are based on the same technique but have very different finishes.

Standard cloth spine

We can use almost any binding cloth to mount onto the spine of a bookblock however Colorado is exceedingly popular as it has a very tight weave and does not fray when a cut edge is exposed.

Duplexed front and back covers

When we bind the bookblock, we use inner covers which will have cloth mounted over the top, we would then trim out and duplex outer covers over this, concealing the cloth so that it is only visible on the spine.

4pp cover

As per the duplexed option, we bind inner covers with the bookblock, however with a 4pp outer cover we would crease in x3 positions (2 of which will create the spine and one at the back which will allow the book to open flat with ease) and mount this to the bookblock via whole surface gluing.


Taking a layflat bound bookblock and mounting it via its back cover only into an outer cover, either hard case or a limp cover that has been creased. This is a simple yet effective way to imitate a casebound or PUR bound book when closed but with all of the benefits of layflat binding when opened.

With our style of layflat binding, we have been able to incorporate many elements that would not otherwise be possible such as pages short in width, laser or die cut pages, throwouts and more.

We use various covering materials within our binding styles, some of which include printed sheets, Library Buckram, Colorado and Brillianta, real and bonded leathers and some materials which are not usually associated with bookbinding such as tin plate, tyre moulded rubber and Astroturf!